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"It takes a village...", we are supported by our tribe. These are a few of the people, products, services and Blogs/info spots that I consider apart of my tribe. Share in my tribe check out what else is out there to help you in your journey.

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    Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-Op

    Daily yoga classes, workshops, & treatments. Book a reiki session with me today!!!

  • chiroyogawall.jpg

    20/20 ChiroYoga

    The Bauer's are amazing people combining specialized yoga with chiropractic medicine for a truly healing experience. Contact them for all your chiropractic needs!!

  • ginaginalogo.png

    Gina Gina

    Positive living in sin city

    Gina is a beautiful soul who I am honored to call a friend. Gina is also a reiki master offering a unique positive living session. The boutique is the place to go for all your spiritual trinkets.

  • good medicine thumbnail.jpg

    Good Medicine

    The most important aspect of being a counselor is advocacy and speaking the truth about mental illness. That’s the ~why behind the program Good Medicine aired every Tuesday on

  • Therapie

    This calming massage spa is in part why I do what I do today. Amazing therapist with huge hearts. Many massages are offered here, yet they're best known for the Spurgeon Method breast massage, first developed for woman having had mastectomy.

  • lbri logo debbie.jpg

    L'BRI Skin Care

    This is an amazing all natural aloe based skin care line that I absolutely love! If your interested check out Debbie's site and direct order if your moved.

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