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Life Keys Lighthouse is offering a NEW program that we are so excited about. With great success in our EVOLVED coaching program, we have found that challenge and change happen all the time. Our deep-dive EVOLVED sessions can really bring about positive change and confidence to set a new trajectory for your life, but what do you do when you enjoy the process and a new change comes that you want to consult and brainstorm over? A problem that the deep-dive is not necessary for because the path is the same just new adventure along the way.

That's what is so exciting about our new program, UNLIMITED access. Yup, Unlimited access for one year. Our clients were loving the process so much that after a couple of months they would pay for another hour and we would accomplish exactly what they needed in 15 min and an email afterward. We asked them if they would use unlimited 15-min call sessions for a year, do they think it would help? Alarmingly they all said yes! So, naturally, I began to worry, I asked did you not get what you needed out of our sessions? And, again alarmingly they said, 


"NO-  I feel amazing and ready to conquer anything, but like you said 2 heads are better than 1 and I like talking to you and feel like I cut so much time by just getting to the "Ask for help" stage and brainstorming to get to the answer with you in 15 minutes versus by myself which could take days."- J. Westfelle


Life Keys Lighthouse was founded to shine a light on the keys to life to show that you can go through any door you desire if you have the right key. The "door" isn't the challenge, the challenge is finding your way in with there always being at least 3 ways in which do you choose which key do you have?

This brings me to my point about Spotlight Laser Coaching Sessions... 



Life Keys Lighthouse Spotlight Laser Coaching program is designed to shine a light on your options and level the obstacles to your growth and blessings in life in a matter of minutes. Get to the point and back on the path. We all have to detour sometimes on a road unknown and the spotlight lights your way back to the main road.

Laser Coaching is 15 to 20-minute sessions designed to get right to the point and set you back on track.

Life is busy and often unpredictable so it is understandable that one could lose focus and need to shift priorities. 

  • New decisions to be made

  • Changes in life

  • Making moves towards the future you want

  • If you’re overwhelmed with tactics and aren't sure what to implement, we can help.

  • If you simply want to brainstorm with someone who's seen and lived a lot, then we can help!

For these reasons and more laser coachings is a benefit. It can really help to get a laser focus perspective. How do you eat an elephant? 


One Piece at a Time!


Life Keys Lighthouse shines the light on the keys to life.


Life Keys Lighthouse Coaching Services

- Unlimited Spotlight Laser Coaching All Year Long


Together we quickly look through the fog and shine a light on the steps to achieving your goals. With support, resources, and self-fortitude anyone can accomplish anything.

With an unlimited 15-minute Spotlight Laser Coaching Session, there is a partner in change at your becking call. 


How the Unlimited Spotlight Laser Coaching Session Works

There are many tools in the toolbox to achieve this goal and each person may require a different tool. However, Reiki is the universal tool I use in everything I do both personally and professionally. 

As a Reiki master, my life is Reiki! First, you learn, then you do, then you are.

So How do you work with me?  The steps are as follows:

  1.  Once you purchase the Spotlight program through PayPal, you will be sent a link to the member site.

  2. Sign-up/ Log-in to the member site for the calendar to book your sessions, communicate, turn in homework, and browse resources.

  3. Your first session will be an hour long. During this session we will get to know each other, determine whether we can work together and if I can help you. Talk about where you are and where you want to be. ( It is at this time you can receive a full refund should we choose not to work together.)

  4. After our initial call, you can book your 15- min session using the membership site calendar. Appointments should be made only after homework and action steps have been completed to use our time productively in just 15 minutes.

  5. You do, however, have unlimited email access for added assistance or support to accomplish your goals before the next call.

  6. After every session, you will be emailed an audio recording of that call for you to reference whenever you need to. As well as a reminder of the homework assigned

What’s Involved in the Spotlight Laser Session?


Your Spotlight Laser Session is a one-off, let's-get-some-work-done event. It is not a sales pitch for extended coaching or anything else.

It's simply an opportunity to get together and help you get unstuck from your particular problem.

Before our meeting, I’ll review your answers to the short questionnaire. If needed, I’ll email you other preliminary questions prior to our meeting. I will also send Reiki to our session for the highest and best outcomes.

When you come to the session, we’ll be prepared to get you unstuck. 

It is important that we only tackle one issue at a time during these 15-minute calls. Layered problems will require individual sessions.


What Result Can I Expect From a Spotlight Laser Coaching Session?



You leave with clear action steps to get you closer to your goal or to solve your problem. My follow-up email provides some extra accountability—we want you to get things done. The copy of our session is a big help to go through what I'm sure is a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Coaching works through accountability and guidance this is where email is useful and you have access for a full year!!



My Areas of Coaching Expertise


The topic and goal of our session are entirely up to you. We can talk about anything related to your life. The point is to help you reach your next goal or to overcome a stubborn problem.

Some areas of expertise are listed here, but we’re not limited to these:

  • Relationships

  • Spirituality

  • Finding your "Why"

  • Growing Family

  • Health Concerns

  • Health & Wellness

  • Major Life Decisions (Big Change)


Here’s How to Order


1-year Unlimited Spotlight Laser Coaching - $3,000 


Get re-focused today from the struggles of change in life with powerful Spotlight Laser Coaching Sessions.

Order today and we’ll get right to work on a goal of your choice.

Find clarity and direction to get you where you want to be.




Please use the Contact Us form to send me any questions you have.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

You can cancel and get a 100% refund within 24 hours of the first session or within 5 days of purchase whichever is first, should you change your mind. Refunds are processed within 5 business days from the date of request.

Requests for refunds for Spotlight Sessions must be made in writing via email on our Contact Us form. Or you can reply to the Coaching Sessions confirmation email you received with your original purchase.

If after our first session together you feel you don't want to go on just say so and put it in an email and you will be given a full refund including the time we have already spent together.

No risk refund, if you determine after our introductory session it's not for you you are given a 100% full refund what is there to lose?



A well-traveled journey brings forth a fruitful destination



Though reiki is infused in all services it is nice to receive reiki in of itself. Reiki is great for clarity and relaxation. Consider a 1:1 session next time you carve out time for self-care.

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