What are the Keys to Life anyway?

You might ask yourself are there keys to life? Why do some people make it look so easy? The answer to these questions is a simple and astounding YES!

Yes there are keys to life, and everyone has them already in their possession.

Yes it is easy ! O’Cmon, is it really that simple? If I have the keys in my possession already why are the doors still closed?

Everyone has a different life walk and as such each key is unique to them, However, EVERYONE has the same master key. How can that be? If we all have the same master key then what is the need of the other keys?

You may have heard of “the Secret” in which it explains the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is the master key, you can attract whatever life you want. Yet there are still other laws of the universe and this pesky thing called being human and we can start to “ accidentally” attract the wrong things and the other keys you possess will get you back to the master.

When I first heard and studied on the Law of attraction it seemed so much easier said than done and it is easy to maintain your vibration when you are surrounded by like minded individuals who are too working to raise their vibrations, but then you leave the retreat and you continue through your day to day life you are faced with lower vibrations all around you and if you do not make a constant effort to raise your vibrations it is just as easy to lower your vibrations as it is to raise your vibrations. Let me say that to you again it is just as easy to raise your vibration as it is to lower your vibration, it is a matter of choice.

Consider the 17 second construct, it states that it only takes 17 sec for you to create your thought pattern. In other words, take the morning routine you get out of bed and you stub your toe on the way to the bathroom you begin to mumble under your breath in pain and anger as you go into the bathroom you are now throwing the medicine cabinet door open and your contact lens falls out into the sink and rolls down the sink. Before you know it you are peeling down your driveway and your day is set and determined to suck! It took only 17 sec for you to stub your toe and determine that the whole day was a bust. For many this seems natural and eventually you may get your morning or your day back on track but consider if you remember this rule and catch yourself before you slam open the medicine cabinet. What would happen then? Can you picture a difference?

You have been given one key today what door will you open with it?

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