Move Forward

One of my favorite Disney movies is Meet the Robinson's, one of the main moral lessons of this movie is to keep moving forward.

This concept seems so pedestrian, so easy to accomplish, right?

I left home on my own when I was seventeen and faced many many challenges. It would have been so easy to wallow in my defeat amidst these challenges. I decided then that the only answer I had control over was to change. If I didn’t like something just change it.

I learned that this approach was not as easy or realistic as I had hoped.

So through the years I worked on this concept of welcoming change. I made small changes where I could and big ones when I could. My mantra through the whole process has varied from its original wording only very slightly remaining for the most part the same comforting and encouraging message to follow. If you don’t like what you see or feel change it, keep moving forward.

I am a witness to evolution. I may not have seen the “ beginning” till now to know where we came from. But I witness evolution everyday with my own two eyes. A baby growing in a womb from a pea to a baby. A crop form and grow. Children being born without their impending eye teeth or wisdom teeth as evolution shows there not needed anymore. The evolution of animals is astonishing. I guess I look at all of life as ever evolving around us, it’s the circle of life. That is your proof right there. Something else I am quite certain about and that is there is no changing of the past the only thing within your control is what is in front of you never what is behind you.

I left home at seventeen and at eighteen I moved over 300 miles away from any family I had ever known.

Growing up as a military brat moving wasn’t scary, actually quite the opposite, but doing it alone that's the rub.

Luckily I made a friend quickly and she looked out for me. I figured out pretty quickly that going home, though always a solid welcoming option, was only going back. I stuck it out in Las Vegas the city of sin. The only way to survive in this city is to change with the times, grow, and WIN!!

I won my first royal flush jackpot at 21 years old and spent the rest of that decade moving forward, learning new things, experiencing new things, and kept my feet moving. I won yet again when I turned thirty and met the love of my life and had my daughter and began a whole new chapter. I have been in Las Vegas for nearly 21 years now and it is time to remember what has helped me to survive here is the very thing that pulls me from here now and that is to…


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