My mother was a CNA and then a Medical Assistant when I was growing up and I have always just had an understanding of the human body and medicine being introduced to the human body systems and medical terminology at an early age. At 18 years old I became an EMT, while also working as a back office orthopedic surgeons assistant. At the age of 21, I moved on to other career paths, and at 30 and pregnant with my first child, I went back to the medical field working for 3 years in medical records. This is important to know that I come from a place of respect for western medicine. I see the genius in medical treatments and technology and encourage further discoveries in both arenas.

This being said, I realized that there are faults in how western medicine approaches chronic illness and disease. In my journey for a better understanding and a method to fill in the gaps, I discovered Reiki. 

After several years studying and practicing reiki I was titled Reiki master and continue to work with my master to this day.

Many use reiki as a way to simply balance energies and is popular in the metaphysical studies, however, there are a few who see a different path for Reiki and its use in western medicine. I am one of those persons!

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Clinical Reiki

What is Clinical Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy medicine used to balance the body and create homeostasis in the body so that your own body can put to use the miracles possed within to heal itself. When your energy is stuck and clouded it is that much harder for your own body's gifts of healing to work at top efficiency in the body. When modern medicine treatments are implemented on the body and mind it can be additional stress on your mind and body creating gaps for treatment to not be as efficient as it could be and is necessary for a healthy life.

Clinical Reiki helps to fill those gaps and accompany modern medical treatments for the highest and best outcomes.

Modern medicine recognizes the toll stress does on the body and subsequently, the treatments they introduce could be better received if not for the stress releasing toxic symptoms in your systems.

When you are calm and relaxed your heart rate is lower, your breathing paced slower, & the nervous system is quite. When you are stressed the opposite is at play including clammy skin, shaky reflexes, and various other symptoms creating obstacles for treatments to overcome before the original problem can be addressed. This is how we can find our selves on multiple medications some of which tackling symptoms created by other medicines.

Meditation and "Mind over Body" concentrations have been used with great success when battling the very scenarios I speak of. I have and do use them myself, however, most times this is easier said than done. Especially, if you are not one practiced at meditation it can be hard to block out what is going on in reality while undergoing medical procedures and treatments. 

Reiki brings this same intention as meditation and " Mind over Body" concentrations to the situation without the practice needed for meditation. 

What happens during a clinical reiki session?

Every Session is different and unique to the particular appointment.

Before any accompaniment to a medical procedure, there will be an initial reiki session to create a base energy connection and discuss the needs of the session and what is about to happen at our upcoming appointment with medical professionals. Paperwork will be addressed at this time as well.

On the day of the appointment, I will meet you and give energy cleanse as we go into the appointment. During the appointment, I will be situated off to the side and out of the way of the procedure field. At this time I will be sending Reiki to you and to the environment around us for highest and best outcomes.

When and for what to use clinical reiki.

A reiki session is a good idea before any visit to a medical professional, especially if you suffer from anxiety. While undergoing particularly taxing treatments reiki is accompanied before, DURING, & after the ordeal.

Examples, but not limited to, when reiki accompanied treatments are helpful.

  • Surgeries

  • Chemotherapy Treatments

  • Office Procedures

  • Dialysis Treatments

  • Oncology Appointments

  • Rehabilitation Appointments

  • Bone Re-alignment Orthopedic Appointments

  • and more...

How and Where Does a Clinical Reiki Session take place?

With HIPPA Laws and some select medical professionals not welcoming or excepting of reiki, there is a process to working together and booking a clinical reiki session.

Step one:

Fill out a registration form giving a medical history of the problem and detailing the procedure reiki will be accompanying.


Step Two:

Fill out a HIPPA form granting your reiki master practitioner permission to be with you during such a procedure. This form will not allow access to medical records. This form is for the purposes of safeguarding both client and reiki master practitioner and setting parameters for information that may be attained by the Reiki master practitioner while the procedure is occurring.


Step Three:

You will need to obtain written permission (form will be provided) from your medical professional for the presence of the Reiki Master Practitioner to be with you during your procedure.

If the medical professional needs further discussion or the facility where the procedure will take place has more requirements, your Reiki Reiki Master Practitioner will make themselves available at the facilities and medical professional convenience to accommodate the needs for the clinical reiki session to take place.


Step Four:

Payment & Scheduling

Once the prior steps have been completed you will be emailed a link where you can make a PayPal payment. We will then schedule an appointment for a day or two before your scheduled procedure to get you ready for the procedure and get a feel for the energy connection.


The fee for a Clinical Reiki Session is $125 to be paid via PayPal prior to appointment.

You may receive an invoice to be paid within 30 days for the following if they apply to your appointment.

  • Any fees required by the facility or Medical Professional will be paid by the client, such as parking fees.

  • Travel fee may be applied to any facilities more than 10 mi from 89147, starting at $10

  • If the procedure is to extend longer than four and a half hours and you wish for Reiki till the end and an additional $25 per extra hour will be applied.

If you are still not sure if this service is for you and have more questions or would like to talk to someone about it further, please call 702-409-2008 or email at
If you're ready to begin you can fill out the registration/history form by clicking on the button below and someone will respond very soon. We look forward to working with you!

"I had a Reiki (霊気) treatment from Amanda. When she entered my aura with her hands, I felt strong heat/energy from her hands. I was relaxed and very comfortable. While in treatment, I remember I was here and there, back and forth. Sometimes, I slept during the treatment. After the treatment, I was so relaxed. It was hard to get up. Once I came back to this world, I felt very relaxed yet, refreshed and energized at the same time. When my wife saw me, she said I had a very calm face. Amanda did something right for me.

Thanks, Yoshi"

The peace, clarity, and relaxation that reiki brings, needs no specific reason to experience and enjoy.

Reiki is not limited by time and space. It flows where it is needed. When it is possible to experience a reiki session in person, just because its "Tuesday" I always recommend it. On the occasion where an in-person session is not possible, you can receive a distant reiki session to meet you where you are at.

If you are interested in a 1:1 Reiki Session please fill out the registration form below and Amanda will contact you to schedule a convenient time for you both. Amanda specializes in Clinical Reiki and most appointments are reserved for medical necessity. When there is time allowed in her schedule she loves to connect with individuals and help to " Relax the planet".


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