Hi! I'm Amanda

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I'm the Founder of Life Keys Lighthouse, Reiki Intuitive Master, and Pivot Coach, just to start with.

Hello! My name is Amanda Lynn Liefke, I am a reiki intuitive master and a pivot coach. What does that mean? I help people to navigate change in their lives. Change can be hard even when it is expected and wanted. Learning to pivot and flow through the changes in your life is a valuable key to a successful life, no matter your definition of " a successful life" this is a universal key that can help anyone through any journey.


I have had a few careers in my time, I thought it was because I get bored easily. Then I discovered that every career leads me here. Each position held and co-worker I trained contributed to me to be here now. The tools learned are keys added to the ring giving me access to my full potential.

I guess I could say I have been a coach my whole life, helping friends and loved ones navigate the changes in their life and being the one they came to for advice and support.

In 2016 it got real. I was working for an amazing woman whom I consider to be a mentor till this day, in her healing massage spa. The most amazing calming space I have ever been in, the energy was palpable. One day I accidentally cut between her and a client immediately after they had had a session together. She was upset with me and my lack of consideration, but I had no clue what she was speaking of. I immediately set out to figure out this energy thing she was speaking of and...

As they say, the rest is history. I found my master and within a week of that unfortunate incident, I decided that would never happen again and was in my reiki level one class that weekend. I was really drawn to my reiki master and a weekend class for each level was not enough for me I had to know more. Thus began a four-year apprenticeship earning me my master's level. Since then my master and I continue to have a strong personal relationship, she now lives with me and my family as she is in the golden years of her time with this planet. We continue to work together strengthening my practice.

Reiki has become so much more than working with clients for me and though I really enjoy working one on one with people, my talents have widened and my calling has been revealed to me to use my voice as well as my hands. 

This is why Life Keys Lighthouse was founded as a way for me to use my voice. Here you can find blogs offering perspective on a range of various topics as well as learn more about the ways you can work with me together we can accomplish amazing things!

Let's Shine Together!   Work With Me To  Inspire Success For All

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Workshops & Retreats

Occasionally Life Keys Lighthouse will present retreats and workshops of our own design.  More often than not though Amanda will participate in others retreats, such as yoga, mindfulness, corporate team building, and so on.  She really enjoys offering reiki for these retreats as well as speaking to perspective and the importance of pivoting when life gets challenging. Clients have commented that the reiki presence is an observed factor that guarantees success every time. Employees, coordinators, and participants really get something out of these retreats especially those of a corporate nature where not all participants felt they had a choice in going or not.

If you feel like reiki could be an added benefit or service for your next retreat and would like to discuss it further please fill out the form below and Amanda will get in touch with you quickly.

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Speaking & Corporate Trainings

Speaking is personal for me, as I stated in my bio I received a calling to speak and use my voice and I truly enjoy it the most. I have practiced and mastered reiki in the breath, what I mean by this is that I hold reiki energy and expresses it through my breath when I give talks. This is an added layer of balance keeping me calm and focused and the audience engaged.

I have several talks prepared that can be reviewed apon request, I can prepare a talk on the subject specifics of your choicing with ample time provided or I can speak to an already prepared by your company,speach or message, apon review and approval. Topics of speach center around mindset, how to change it, embrace,it, and pivot when neccissary. 

Do you need a speaker to give your next presentation? Do you need a speaker to speak with energy to inspire your company teams? Lets work together! fill out the form below and I will respond with urgency.

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One : One & Group Sessions

Everything comes back to the one on one connection. I started this journey working with amazing people and I will continue to work with people when called to do so. 

The majority of my time these days is spent using my voice through speaking, workshops, and retreats as well as the blog posts posted here. 

I currently have a wait list for  new clients wishing to work with me one on one and sessions should be opening up again at the end of the summer. If you would like to be added to the waitlist please fill out the form below and add waitlist to the message line. If you feel you need coaching now and can not wait till fall call 702-409-2008 to speak with me personally and see if arrangements can be made.


If you have signed up for our email list, you will be notified as soon as new blogs are posted or events are scheduled. You can also check here for more information.

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