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Shining Light on the Keys to Life!

"Inspiration and Motivation illuminate your keys to life."

Amanda Lynn Liefke

The lighthouse always shines as a beacon for those on a journey home. Don't miss the light stay illuminated to new posts!

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Sometimes all it takes is to view another perception.

The perception held by Life Keys Lighthouse is HOPE! 

Find Light in the words that speak to you here. Then, shine your brightest as a beacon for others!!!


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Amanda Lynn Liefke

Hello! My name is Amanda Lynn Liefke, I am a reiki intuitive master and a pivot coach. What does that mean? I help people to navigate change in their lives. Change can be hard even when it is expected and wanted. Learning to pivot and flow through the changes in your life is a valuable key to a successful life, however, you may define " a successful life" this is a universal key that can help anyone through any journey.

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“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”


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Life's Keys...

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Meditation by the Sea
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Kayti King

"The first [Reiki] session I had with Amanda I told her that I had some abnormal test come in and the doctor was concerned about cancer. After my session with Amanda, I went back to see my doctor and all my test came back normal. The second [Reiki]session, my back was hurting for a couple of weeks. After my session with Amanda, my back pain was gone. I was still soar but I was able to bend over without pain. I highly recommend Amanda. Go see her, even if you just need some balancing. You will feel amazing afterward. 100% worth it!!"

Karen Ellingson

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Amanda. Her insight, her unique perspective was very comforting during a challenging time for me.


Talking to Amanda, right from the start, was like having a conversation or confiding in my best friend."


"My most impactful result [from having Amanda as my life coach] was understanding the responsibility of effective communication, no matter the relationship, doesn't lie solely with me."


Yoshi Nozaki

"I had a Reiki (霊気) treatment from Amanda. When she entered my aura with her hands, I felt strong heat/energy from her hands. I was relaxed and very comfortable. While in treatment, I remember I was here and there, back and forth. Sometimes, I slept during the treatment. After the treatment, I was so relaxed. It was hard to get up. Once I came back to this world, I felt very relaxed yet, refreshed and energized at the same time. When my wife saw me, she said I had a very calm face. Amanda did something right for me.

Thanks, Yoshi"

One way to manage your thoughts is to curate the feeds in your life. If you spend time with things that are opposed to your peace and positivity, you will live in negativity and stress. If you spend more than a quarter of your day with your social media feeds, then start by cleaning those of negativity. Hide friends that post things that don't enlighten you or bring you peace and joy. Follow groups and pages that offer messages of encouragement and hope or even wisdom. 

I also like to be aware of what it is I post in the world, am I contributing to the swamp by venting for all to listen, or am I striving to put helpful messages out?

Below is my Instagram feed, I hope I have accomplished a positive feed to enjoy.


Care for Others

What you put out into the world comes back to you. Just as what you think you are. We have control of our lives, the happiness we feel is entirely under our control. When you are caring and kind to others this kindness returns. To be happy is to live with kindness, no matter the stress. I have worked with Driven Neuro recovery Gym and others volunteering my time and service to those really in need and maybe not informed of the relief reiki and coaching can bring to someone in strife. It truly is a blessing to be able to bring this to those who otherwise would not have access. There is some cost in offering this service if you would like to make a donation in support of this effort, everything helps and is appreciated by many more than just myself. Thank you for taking the minute to read this. If you are interested in having me volunteer for your organization please reach out. I usually volunteer at least once a month most times twice a month and am always looking for worthy organizations that would appreciate my efforts to help. Reach out to me at 702-409-2008 to discuss options and dates/times.


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