"Inspiration and Motivation illuminate your Keys to Life."
To make changes in your life it is imperative that you see the possibilities for growth. For a lasting change let Life Keys Lighthouse shine a light on your keys to life.

Shine the light for growth with

Amanda Lynn Liefke


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Meet Amanda

Certified Reiki Master/ Life Coach

I'm Amanda! I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a confidant, and my " I am" is limitless. I traveled the world at a young age and lived in foreign lands. This fueled my interest in people, our differences, our similarities, our cultures, and all of it. I grew up to have several different careers along my path all the while helping people in some fashion or another. We all have the keys within us to open the doors that have blocked us from our abundance. 

What I Specialize In


Clinical Reiki:

Specializing in Complimentary Reiki Energy Medicine to accompany the likes of surgery, chemo, radiation, dialysis, office procedure and more...

Reiki Sessions for overall relaxation or a balance of Body, Mind, & Spirit

Lighthouse Spotlight Sessions:


15-min sessions to spotlight the  steps need to accomplish your goals and keep accountability.

 Lighthouse Session:

1:1 coaching to best transition through change and trauma in life.

Lighthouse for the rocky beaches of change ( there is always light somewhere)


"The first [Reiki] session I had with Amanda I told her that I had some abnormal test come in and the doctor was concerned about cancer. After my session with Amanda, I went back to see my doctor and all my test came back normal. The second [Reiki]session, my back was hurting for a couple of weeks. After my session with Amanda, my back pain was gone. I was still soar but I was able to bend over without pain. I highly recommend Amanda. Go see her, even if you just need some balancing. You will feel amazing afterward. 100% worth it!!"

- Kati King

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Amanda. Her insight, her unique perspective was very comforting during a challenging time for me.


Talking to Amanda, right from the start, was like having a conversation or confiding in my best friend."


"My most impact-full result [from having Amanda as my life coach] was understanding the responsibility of effective communication, no matter the relationship, doesn't lie solely with me."

- Karen Ellingson

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